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About Us

Welcome to Hop & Bark.

Our journey started in 2018 when we did an online search for rabbit merch, and found that there wasn't much of a selection. So we designed our own! At first it was just for our family but after sharing it on social media, other rabbit owners started requesting them. That's how our store was born! Over time our fur family has grown so naturally the selection of items has as well. We've added designs for cat and dog owners as well. We're always eager to grow, that's why we now offer pet products.

Our promise to you is that every item added in our store is one we would proudly give to our pets. We also want you to feel confident and comfortable in any apparel or gift you may purchase for yourself or someone else. Which is why we select high-quality products. An example being our organic cotton tote, one of our best sellers.

Our goal is to grow so that we can make a real difference for animals in need. Whether it’s donating to Animal Rescue Organizations or helping to raise funds and bring awareness. We want to inspire and encourage people to spread kindness to animals. With this philosophy in mind, we only sell items that are 100% Cruelty-Free.
We can't wait to fill this page with stories of animals we helped because of you! 

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